Sweet Pink: CBD you can trust

All our CBD products are created using organic, plant-based ingredients, which are purposely chosen to provide you with quality, trusted products. At Sweet Pink we use the finest whole plant cannabis combined with other natural remedies to create the perfect combination of plant power. Working with strict safety standards, at Sweet Pink our products are 100% organic and vegan.

How does CBD work?

CBD products are a natural, organic remedy used by a wide variety of people for well-being, health and more. Stripped of THC – the part of cannabis which provides the ‘high’ sensation – CBD is popular with those who are looking for pain relief and a helping hand with other symptoms, without experiencing the psychoactive feelings.

CBD works with the Endocannabinoid system within our bodies, to awaken the CB1 and CB2 receptors. Doing this ensures the Endocannabinoid system is awakened and ensures our bodies can respond to treatment and produce positive emotions and feelings.

CBD products are available as oils, balms, salts, capsules and more. But how do you know which CBD product is for you? Let’s break it down.

CBD Oil 

Most commonly designed for use under your tongue, the oil will fall from a dropper onto the soft skin tissue under your tongue. A more convenient way of taking CBD, you can quickly take CBD as required.

Massage Oil

CBD is absorbed by the skins surface and interacts with cannabinoid receptors CB1 & CB2 which are present in nearly all skin cells. If you don’t like the taste of CBD oil, massage oil is a great alternative.

CBD Balm

CBD is absorbed by the skins surface and interact with cannabinoid receptors CB1 & CB2 which are present in nearly all skin cells.

Our CBD balms are combined with with organic essential oils and other natural ingredients including turmeric to reduce inflammation.

Bath Salts & Bombs

Many of us use bath salts to relax in the bath and enjoy the therapeutic benefits which come with this. CBD Bath Salts dissolve into bath water just the same, but release CBD for you to soak in.

Popular with many people, our CBD Bath Salts are combined with organic essential oils and natural ingredients.

Natural Miron Violet Glass

Our whole plant CBD oils are stored in miron violet-glass, a unique biophotonic glass packaging for natural products. This special glass protects our CBD oil from light, ensuring the longevity of the product inside.

Using the miron glass, our CBD oils last longer and the cannabinoid it contains will not be as subject to the natural degradation that occurs in other bottles.

From the heart to the soul:
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