Sweet Pink would not be here without Indie-Rose

CBD saved my daughter’s life and has profoundly changed mine. It will change yours, too.

At just four months old, Indie-Rose had her first seizure. Diagnosed with Dravet syndrome, she went on to have seizures nearly every single day of her life. Aged three, and on her eighth unsuccessful treatment, Indie lost the ability to walk. It would have been so easy to give up.

In desperation, we turned to nature and one of the first treatments for epilepsy ever recorded – cannabis, in the form of CBD oil. Ten days later, Indie ran down the garden path towards me.

I didn’t know then that this was just the start. Though Indie’s seizures reduced, she was still very poorly.


I absorbed everything there was to know about CBD: how it worked, its history, and it’s magic, so I could fight for what was best for my daughter.

In 2018, the whole family moved to Holland so Indie-Rose could be prescribed high-strength CBD oil by a doctor.

Within 3-weeks, Indie went four days without a seizure and played with her little brother for the first time in her life.

It took us over a year of campaigning before we were granted a licence for this prescription so we could return home to the UK.

The NHS still doesn’t fund Indie-Rose’s treatment, nor the life-saving medical cannabis and CBD oil prescriptions of children like her. 

So, we’re still fighting for fair access.

Our vegan CBD wellness products give you the opportunity to experience the benefits of this plant for yourself.

Working with small, artisan farms across Europe, all our cannabis and hemp is grown organically, formulated in Suffolk and developed in our small workshop.

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From the heart to the soul, Sweet Pink is made for you.

From the heart to the soul:
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