Sweet Pink, inspired by Indie-Rose

Meet Indie-Rose

In 2014 we welcomed beautiful Indie-Rose into the world. To us, Indie-Rose was perfect.

However, we were soon to discover there was something a little different inside her, which would change both her life, and our new life as parents, forever.

Indie-Rose was born with Dravet Syndrome – a condition caused by a mutating gene called SCN1a.

Tannine and Indie

What is Dravet Syndrome?

Dravet Syndrome, is a rare neurological condition, causing severe and difficult to control seizures in adults and children, as well as varying levels of learning disabilities, mobility and speech difficulties amongst other symptoms.

Not only does Dravet Syndrome mean a new way of life for the person living with the condition, it means a new way of life for the family or carers.

While some medicines treat or provide some relief from Dravet Syndrome, Indie-Rose didn’t respond to conventional medicines. After conducting research into treatments for Dravet Syndrome, we read about medical cannabis.

Spending more time in hospital than she was at home, our daughter’s life was being controlled by her condition. With nowhere left to turn, we decided to trial Cannabidiol – cannabis-based products – as a treatment for Indie-Rose’s condition.

Indie-Rose was able to spend more time at home and find relief from the condition which consumes her life. Now, as with many others living with Dravet Syndrome, medical cannabis and other cannabis-based products are enabling Indie-Rose to live a more independent, happy life.

Sweet Pink was inspired by Indie-Rose:
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