Irregular sleep patterns have troubled people for so many years; but since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic in March 2020, many more have struggled to sleep at all.

From financial worries and feeling alone, to feeling anxious about the future and wanting to carry on as we did before; so much has been consuming our minds.

A lack of sleep over any period of time can cause us to feel restless, low on energy, anxious and develop the risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases including dementia.

Luckily, we’re here to help those struggling to get a good nights sleep. Using CBD products has become a popular treatment for insomnia and irregular sleep patterns.


What causes insomnia or poor sleep?

It’s surprising to see how many factors can affect a good nights sleep. Changes in day to day routines, worrying about money or loved ones, feeling alone and not exercising regularly can all contribute towards poor sleep and insomnia.

Without a doubt, everybody has suffered with at least one of these symptoms throughout 2020. Coronavirus, lockdowns, tiered systems and being kept away from work or loved ones has caused us all to completely change our lives and worry about the future.

The problem continues when we start to worry about not sleeping, or taking supplements or medication to help us fall asleep and hopefully stay asleep until the morning. The more we worry, the less we will sleep. The more supplements or medications we take, the more harm we could be doing to our body.

Sleep is one of the most important factors to a healthy, balanced lifestyle.


Why is sleep medication harmful?

Studies have found doctors prescribe medications such as benzodiazepines to treat insomnia cases; which in the long-run, become addictive.

Medications such as Valium or Ambien have been linked to side-effects including dependency, or creating a false-sleep. False-sleep is where the body is helped to fall asleep, but doesn’t experience REM sleep – or Rapid Eye Movement sleep. What’s the problem here?

REM sleep is important for rest, recuperation and cognitive functions. Stimulating areas of the brain which are essential to development, retaining memories and information, feeling rested and healthy – REM sleep is a must.

This is why many people are now turning to CBD to improve their sleep patterns and overcome their insomnia.


CBD for sleep – what are the options?

We know CBD is available in a variety of forms – making it easy to use at any point throughout the day. But, it can also be used at night before going to bed.

Using our CBD oil, you could choose from two different strengths depending on your tolerance to CBD. It doesn’t take long to kick-in and start providing effects to calm your mind and body; so it can be taken while you get ready for bed.

Our most popular product for improving sleep, are our CBD Sleepy Salts. Designed for those struggling to sleep, the mix of lavender, chamomile and CBD within the bath salts provides a relaxing environment, removes harmful toxins from the skin and relaxes the the mind and body.


When purchasing CBD products, it is important to ensure the products you’re buying are from a safe, trusted brand.

Available to buy online, Sweet Pink’s range of luxurious natural products make ideal presents for friends and family, or for your own self-care and wellness routine.

From energising CBD infused bath bombs to relaxing massage and bath oils, choose CBD you can trust.

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