CBD Sleepy Salts
Irregular sleep patterns have troubled people for so many years; but since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic in March 2020, many more have struggled to sleep at all. From financial worries and feeling alone, to feeling anxious about the future and wanting to carry on as we did before; […]
CBD drop
CBD as a health and well-being product is just growing – all the time. The power of the plant is now in everything from clothing, to oils, to food. But – if you’re new to CBD, you might have a few questions before you start taking it. For example – […]
Almost one-year ago, the UK was plunged into a national lockdown as the threat of Coronavirus reached our shores. The new virus caused shops, schools, leisure centres and most workplaces to close-down – the country came to a stand-still. As so many people began to work from home, or faced a […]