Sweet Pink CBD has been developed by Tannine Montgomery, an active medical cannabis campaigner and mum of a young disabled child. As Sweet Pink CBD officially launches this week, we take a look at the range of premium CBD oils and organic, naturally-inspired massage oils, balms and bath bombs.


All about Sweet Pink

Since 2017, Tannine and her family have been fighting to fair access to medical cannabis treatment for young Indie-Rose, who lives with a severe form of epilepsy – Dravet Syndrome. Causing uncontrollable seizures, Indie’s parents have dedicated their time into finding treatment to improve their daughter’s life.

Learning everything there is to know about the power of CBD and natural botanicals, Tannine developed a passion to create her own CBD range – Sweet Pink, inspired by Indie-Rose.

“CBD saved my daughter’s life, and it has profoundly changed mine. Indie-Rose lives with severe epilepsy, and she wouldn’t be here without it. Sweet Pink is the result of the countless days, weeks and months spent learning about this plant and its impact on people’s health and seeing these changes in my daughter every day,” says Tannine.

“I did this for Indie – I never ever thought that I would do more than help her. Launching my own range of CBD products, which people across the country can share them with their own families, is a truly incredible feeling.”


The need for quality CBD

Sweet Pink products have also been created in response to the low-quality range of products, flooding the UK market. Sweet Pink CBD is premium, at it’s very best.

Hannah Deacon, fellow medical cannabis campaigner and mother of Alfie Dingley, one of only two children in the UK with a medical cannabis prescription, said: “Tannine’s knowledge is unrivalled when it comes to CBD and other botanicals. I am truly inspired by the development of Sweet Pink, which was born out of Indie-Rose’s life-diagnosis.

“Tannine is using the experience and the knowledge she has gained, to not only help her daughter, but so many others.”

Every product within the range is 100% vegan, organic and inspired by nature; infused with CBD and active ingredients from turmeric and eucalyptus, to wild orange and pink pepper. Harnessing the power of essential oils to enhance the benefits of CBD, Sweet Pink CBD is the result of Tannine’s experience and knowledge of its life-changing power.

“I’m on a personal mission to provide CBD products that make people’s lives better. I know so many people who’ve tried CBD on the high street and lost faith when they don’t see any positive effects,” continues Tannine.

“I’ve even purchased CBD oils and tested them independently by the laboratory that provides my quality reports. So many of them don’t contain the ingredients they claim too.

“I created Sweet Pink because people deserve better than that. They deserve CBD they can trust.”


From the heart to the soul

Hand-crafted by Tannine in her botanical workshop in Suffolk, Sweet Pink products are her original recipes.

Professor Mike Barnes, consultant neurologist and medical cannabis expert, said: “2020 has been a challenging year for many. The focus on good mental health and emotional wellbeing has never been more important.

“There is overwhelming evidence from across the world which demonstrates CBD helps people’s feelings of anxiety and reduces stress levels. Selecting high-quality CBD products is crucial.”

In addition to CBD oils, balms, massage oils and bath products, Sweet Pink CBD offers confidential, caring and supportive 1:1 consultations in order to create bespoke products which combine active natural ingredients targeted at people’s specific welling goals.

Available to buy online, Sweet Pink’s range of luxurious natural products make ideal presents for friends and family, or for your own self-care and wellness routine.

From energising CBD infused bath bombs to relaxing massage and bath oils, choose CBD you can trust.

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