If you’re new to the world of CBD, it can be daunting. There is so much speculation, so many opinions and so many different ways of using CBD.

The CBD products you choose – and the way you choose to consume them – will all depend on your personal preferences, your lifestyle and the benefits you’re looking to receive.

First and foremost; the key to CBD is to ensure you’re using it as part of your daily self-care routine – something which has been highlighted as an important aspect of our lifestyles throughout 2020.

With a wide range of CBD products available, and so many incorrect articles on the web, we want to share the best ways you can benefit from CBD, and in what form.


CBD oil

Kicking-off with one of the most popular forms of consuming CBD, we look at CBD oil. There are a number of strengths available on the market; at Sweet Pink, we focus on two levels, a 5% and 10%.

For the most beneficial way of consuming the oil, it isn’t to quickly swallow a few drops, but to let your mouth absorb the oil. Placing 1 to 2 drops under your tongue and waiting 90-seconds, enables your body to register the oil and let it work it’s magic.

Ideally, you would take your dose first thing in a morning while you finish off getting ready, so your body is prepared for the day ahead.

If you’re new to CBD, it is better to start with a lower potency until you can gauge how your body will react. The CBD receptors within our bodies are awakened when we consume CBD; so if you have never used CBD before, you might find your body is quicker or slower at reacting than those who know their levels. While our CBD Oils contain traces of THC, it isn’t enough to cause you to feel high or to have psychoactive effects.

CBD Oils are great for restoring balance to your body, reducing levels of anxiety or stress and providing pain relief.


CBD Massage Oil

If you aren’t keen on the flavour of CBD Oils, an alternative is to use CBD Massage Oil. The skins surface works to absorb the CBD within the massage oil and interacts with the cannabinoid receptors within most skin cells.

Developed with anti-inflammatory properties, CBD Massage Oils have been shown to have a positive effects on pain, anxiety and muscle tension.

Best used in a morning to soothe sore or aching muscles, or as part of your post-workout routine, CBD Massage Oils should be massaged into your affected areas to ensure the oil is fully activated. It is common to feel the effects within minutes, and for a few hours afterwards.

The CBD within our massage oil induces a calming effect, makes your skin more supple and the aroma will also help to relax your mind.

Combined with a daily dose of CBD Oil, your body will feel much more relaxed, pain free and your overall mindset will be much more positive. 


Bombs and Salts

Heard of self-care Sunday’s? Why not choose self-care – everyday? So many of us enjoy relaxing in the bath to find some inner peace at the end of the day or week.

CBD Bath Bombs and Bath Salts provide a more calming, relaxing environment. As the products dissolve in the bath water, the CBD is released and soaks into the body. Not only does the CBD restore balance with the mind and body, reduce tension and provide pain relief, but the ingredients infused within the products aid the skin too.

Our ingredients are 100% natural, organic and plant-based. The aromas used for the bath bombs and salts aid in relaxing the mind and body, which in turn ensure you receive a better nights sleep. The human body and immune system are far stronger on a full-nights sleep.

The range of bath bombs from Sweet Pink, also help to provide relief from coughs and ease pain – important points to consider at this time of year. 


Remember, no amount of CBD will ‘get you high’. You are able to consume CBD Oil in each day, and use additional products in the afternoon or evening such as the massage oils or bath salts.

When purchasing CBD products, it is important to ensure the products you’re buying are from a safe, trusted brand. At Sweet Pink, our analytical reports are available for download, and all our products are developed with only natural, plant-based ingredients.

Available to buy online, Sweet Pink’s range of luxurious natural products make ideal presents for friends and family, or for your own self-care and wellness routine.

From energising CBD infused bath bombs to relaxing massage and bath oils, choose CBD you can trust.

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